Democracy is a wonderful thing and America is a wonderful democracy.  This is demonstrated every four years when America goes to the polls and the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue knows and accepts that they may have to relinquish the most powerful political position on the planet.  Recently America has had a desire to export this wonderful democracy to certain, but not all, countries in the Middle East.  Their greatest democracy exporting experiment is currently taking place in Iraq where President George W Bush travelled this week in the dying days of his final term.   As we know an Iraqi journalist who takes a certain umbrage at America’s actions in Iraq attacked Bush with a pair of size ten shoes while he was giving a press conference alongside Iraqi president Nouri al-Maliki.  The journalist, Muntadar al-Zeidi, was promptly arrested and according to reports is to be charged with ‘insulting the Iraqi nation.’  Had al-Zeidi carried out his actions in the United States he would certainly have been arrested, but one can only assume that any charges which followed would be related to the attempted assault on the president.  I don’t know of any serious democratic nation where it is a crime to insult the country.  This however is the new ‘democracy’ which America is promoting and supporting in Iraq.  The idea that insulting the Iraqi nation is a punishable crime has a certain resonance when one thinks of the literally hundreds, if not thousands, of Iranians who were executed in Iran following the 1979 revolution who were acussed of ‘crimes against Islam.’  I wait anxiously to see what will happen when Iraq is finally cut loose from America’s apron strings and elects itself a strict Islamic government.  I can only guess that when that happens America will be just about as keen on Iraqi democracy as they were on Palestinian democracy when Hamas were elected.

BTW.  Having observed Bush’s fantastic, evasive body swerve I can only assume that he has at some time been on a duck shoot with Dick Cheney!