The Out Campaign: Scarlet Letter of Atheism

Religion, we are told, is a deeply personal matter.  People’s religious beliefs are assumed to be the business of nobody but themselves, their fellow members of their particular religious community and whichever god they chose to worship.  We who rail against the influence of deeply ingrained religious beliefs on many aspects of civil soiety, in areas as diverse as education and legislation, are asked, not always politely, to mind our own business.  What happens, however, when a society finds itself so much in awe of priests and religious leaders that to challenge them in any way is simply unthinkable?  What happens when democratically elected law-makers will not make a decision without first considering how it will be received by the unelected theocracy of the majority religion of the state.  Click here, and set aside a coupled of days to find out.  The report of the Commission to Inquiry into Child Abuse runs to five volumes and is comprised of page after page of unrelenting horror.  If antyhing tells us of the dangers of religion and unchecked religious devotion it is this report.  The evidence of over 1,000 witnesses details a seventy year reign of terror perpetrated aginst innocent, defenceless children by members of 18 religious orders in Ireland.  The shocking abuses, which included beatings, mental and physical torture and repeated and violent rape and buggery, were not wholly unknown at the time.  Many people, including doctors who would have treated the most seriously injured children, members of health boards, whose job it was to inspect the facilities, and members of religious orders who were not involved in abuse, knew of the crimes which were being commited against Irish children, but failed to act to prevent it.  One victim wrote to a government minister in the 1950s detailing the abuse he had suffered and nothing was done.  The litany of abuse continued for a further 40 years.  None of these people felt that they could challenge the enormous power of the Catholic church.  If questions were asked the church simply denied the allegations and they were believed.

Stand up to religion.  Do not allow inane, unproven fairytale beliefs ever again to gain such a position of influence in civil society.  Let the next generation be the first in human history to grow up free from the brain-washing of  force fed religious doctrine.  If, as i do, you live in Ireland you have little choice but to send your children to a Catholic ethos primary school.  However, you can educate your children that what they hear in school about religion is only an opinion.  You can open their minds to many different opinions and help them to find the established and tested facts that science has given us over the last five hundred years.   Facts that reveal the big lie behind all organised religions.