Monday, November 5, 2007

Just came in from the back garden.
I live out in the country where there is no light pollution so on a night like this it is hard not to look up at the stars. Get out in the country, you city slickers, the view is fantastic on a clear night.
As I was star gazing a jet flew overhead. One flashing red light on the underside, one static light on the starboard wing-tip and a flashing light on the port wing-tip.
It then occurred to me that this sight has often been mistaken for a UFO by some drunken oaf stumbling home along the roads of rural Ireland or Alabama or wherever.
Now, think about all of the vehicles we here on Earth have sent into space. Were any of them equipped with flashing anti collision lights? Did the Apollo rockets have flashing lights to avoid colliding with a stray Sputnik? Does the Space Shuttle crew worry about rear ending the international space station?
Space is huge. The hugeness of space cannot be comprehended by humans – never mind adequately explained using oranges and basketballs at the opposite end of the room from each other.
Why would an alien civilisation, vastly more intelligent than us, who have developed technology that enables them to travel light-years across the universe, worry about crashing into something?
So, then, why is it that the vast majority of UFO sightings are of extra terrestrial vehicles with lots of flashing lights?