Average life expectancy in Ireland is currently about 78 years. This is not as good as Japan where an infant born in 2005 can expect, all things being equal, to live to the ripe old age of 81. However, a child born in Ireland in 2005 can expect to live over twice as long as a child born in Zimbabwe, where life expectancy has now dropped to just 33. Swaziland ranks lowest of all at just over 31 years.

All of this information came to light when I was thinkiBertie's Poochng about what to write today. I was going to do a tongue in cheek piece about all of the dead bodies around Dublin Castle this last 10 years or so. Isn’t it odd that every time the trbunal or a witness unearths the identity of someone who could clear up his whole sorry mess……you guessed it.

They turn up dead.

(Has Jessica Fletcher been hanging around the Castle recently?)Bertie’s Pooch

This was supposed to be a post about Bertie and the wonderful gift he recieved from his dear old mammy, But after reading about the decimation of Zimbabwe in life expectancy terms by that animal, Mugabe, I don’t really have the heart for it.

I’m sick of Bertie and his lies. I’m sick of his grubby money. I’m sick of the explanations which rank lower than ‘the dog ate my homework…’ I’m sick of the guy who can explain everything being, unfortunately, inconveniently dead. I’m sick of banks that don’t keep records or even count the wads of cash handed to them by finance ministers. I’m sick of the Green Party saying in May that Fianna Fáil are the devil incarnate before entering government with them in June. I’m sick of hearing that Bertie doesn’t care about money when all of the evidence says that there is no level to which he will not stoop if the price is right.

You might think that I’m sick of being taken for a fool, but you would be wrong.

I’m not all that sure that the Irish public has been taken for fools. We know that these leaches have been pilfering and lying and cheating for years. If we gave a shit about this then we would have been taken for a ride. However, if we gave a shit about any of this they would not still be there, most likely still pilfering and lying and cheating.

As I have said many times before, the beauty of democracy is that you actually do get the government you deserve.