Many commentators have this week spoken of how Bertie Ahern’s former secretary, Grainne Carruth, has been hung out to dry at the Mahon Tribunal. How a lowly, low paid minion has been abandoned before the howling, snarling hound that is Tribunal counsel.

However, if we look at the evidence she has given this week a different story becomes clear. A story of someone still mired in the Drumcondra Mafia, someone who, perhaps out of a misplaced sense of loyalty, is prepared to take the most extraordinary risks to remain loyal to her former boss. This is not Frank Dunlop cracking under Mr. Justice Flood’s steely glare and coming in next day singing like a canary.

On Wednesday Ms. Carruth told the tribunal that she had never handled Sterling when making lodgements to Ahern’s accounts at the Permanent TSB branch in Drumcondra. She also said that she only ever handled two passbooks when making these lodgements, those passbooks being for accounts in the names of Ahern’s two daughters.

On Thursday, having been presented with contradictory evidence by Tribunal counsel, Ms. Carruth then accepted that ‘on the balance of probability’ that she had indeed handled Sterling cash for Mr. Ahern and that she had indeed lodged money on his behalf to three PTSB accounts. Now, having been presented with this incontrovertible evidence, Ms. Carruth still refuses to admit to the obvious truth of how things actually happened. She simply says that because it is there in black and white that she must then accept it. This is far from being the same as giving straight, honest evidence under oath.

Grainne Carruth consulted with one of Bertie Ahern’s legal representatives in St. Luke’s before giving initial evidence to the tribunal in private. This smacks of a previous Team Ahern tactic of asking the AIB what they had told the tribunal before Bertie was to give evidence

Also this morning I hear one of Bertie’s champions whining that ‘…it’s only about money, nobody has died here, it’s not China we’re dealing with…’ Well if the whiter than white knights in Fianna Fáil don’t mind I’ll set my standards a little higher than those of China, thank you very much.