Reports of cows jumping over the moon in Co. Wicklow have been greatly exagerated, according to one local farmer. John Templton, who spoke on condition of anonymity, (you will notice that I have left an e out of his name) has said that he has never seen a cow jump anything higher than a five bar gate. However he did confirm that a neighbouring farmer was rumoured to be entering a five year old fresian for the Puissance competition at the Dublin Horse Show this coming August.
All of this cow jumping related news comes hot on the heels of a confirmed decision by An Bord Pleanála to refuse a Wicklow resident permission to retain three windows at his home on the basis that they posed a danger to cattle in an adjacent field. The bord upheld an objection on the grounds that if the cattle were to stampede there was a possibilty that they would jump through the windows, the lowest of which is 1.5 metres from the ground, causing themselves or the occupants of the house serious injury.
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