I live in a small village in Co. Westmeath, Ireland, having moved out of the Dublin suburbs in ’03.  Village life suits me a lot more than I expected and living here reminds me why I came back to this country 13 years ago.Despite what you may think from reading my posts, I have no affiliation with any political party.  I am, however, very critical from time to time of the present administration in Ireland.

 On the religious side, I believe in no deity whatsoever and I am constantly amazed that seemingly rational, intelligent adults put so much faith in God.

God, as far as I am concerned, is Santa Claus for grown ups.

If you have time to kill and you can’t quite put your hand on that Maeve Binchey novel you’ve been reading, pop over the page and have a read of a half arsed novel.  I began writing this about five or six years ago and produced what is here in about three weeks.  I don’t pretend that it is up there with James Joyce but as it is on my hard drive anyway it might just kill a half hour for somebody.  And, as we all know, nobody ‘writes just for themselves’ as many an aspiring writer is apt to claim.  If we are bothered to put anything down on paper (remember writing on paper, anyone?) we do it because, however foolish or misguided we may be, we all think that we have ‘a book in us’ and we really do crave the validation that comes from a good review, even if the reviewer is being nice just to get the hell away from us.


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